Spring Creek Wine Cellar

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Our Unique Wines

The vision for this authentic Virginia farm winery has always been to produce wines with minimum intervention so that each grape variety can be fully appreciated. The idea is to preserve as much of the flavor and aroma as possible so that each resulting wine can be identified with the single grape variety used in its production, in essence producing a single varietal wine.

To implement this concept a vineyard was created with fourteen wine grape varieties. Since we only harvest grapes from this  vineyard, our wines emphasize regional  characteristics and the uniqueness of single-vineyard wines.  The names of these fourteen grape varieties appear on their respective wine labels (no fictitious or fanciful label names). Staying with the vision, this means that the wine is made from 100% of the grape varietal identified on the label (no blending of wines).

The grape juices are fermented and aged only in stainless steel tanks (no oak). Since stainless steel has a neutral impact on both the juice and the wine, this results in wines that can actually be identified with a particular grape variety. In keeping with the minimum  intervention concept, fining agents are never added to a wine (vegan friendly) and all wines are bottled unfiltered.

Producing wines in this manner may result in wines not tasting exactly the same each year due primarily to weather conditions, but after all, that is what vintage means.

The wine label was designed to portray a unique place as a reminder of our unique wines.